Welcome to my room on the internet!

Hello there!👋

I’m Najeeb if you missed my name by any chance. I love technology and everything related to it.

Enjoy building websites among other things, and currently working on building cool stuff @ Alida! Previously worked at Statistics Canada (Did some Data Sciency stuff).


me in the wild

I’m based in Vancouver, Canada and absolutely love the city (finding it hard not to)

This site is under construction, if you find any bugs - feel free to shoot me a message.

It’s built using Hugo, a super awesome static site generator which is blazingly fast.

Python default arguments can be...tricky

Debugging is fun, and according to me debugging time exponentially increases if the code was written in a sloppy manner.

Intuitive understanding of Eigenvectors: Key to PCA

Truly understanding Principal Component Analysis (PCA) requires a clear understanding of the concepts behind linear algebra, especially Eigenvectors.