Data Scientist @ Statistics Canada

  • Working on Crop Area Estimation using Convolution LSTM Cells and 3D Convolution Networks
  • Building a comment for 2021 Canadian Census using Semi-supervised learning and Bi-LSTM networks
  • Developed a tool to help clients assess similarity between PDF documents and certain regulations (Accessible Canada Act)

Software Developer @ ZS associates

  • Spearheaded the development of a web application, used by the top pharmaceutical companies of the world. Worked on designing schemas, fixing production bugs and writing server-side code in C# for integration of REST APIs
  • Developed an MVC app from scratch to help Pharamceutical clients better understand their spends using Angular(5.0) and ASP.NET Web API hosted on AWS infrastructure with a MySQL connection

Teaching Assistant at Simon Fraser University

  • Conducted open labs, responded to questions and graded assignment/exams for “Introduction to Programming using Python” of 100+ students.